(That Girl Who) Modernized Tarnished Silver

This DIY project is so simple, but gets really nice results!

I recently went “garage saling” with my mom, and we stumbled upon an antique store that was closing. The owner was dying to get rid of her merchandise, and I basically died of excitement. Thrifting and vintage shopping is my favorite hobby. I love everything about it. The more piles of junk, the more hidden treasures there are to find.

My mom and I ended up with a lot of vintage silver-plated kitchen accessories, some of it beyond repair. These pieces were begging to be refurbished in some way. Most of them had that ornate, floral decoration around the edges of the dish. It’s very typical of the silver plated decor that you see in thrift stores these days, and a little dated if it can’t be polished up.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 4.07.58 PM

Silver Plated Dish

Pure white decor is very trendy these days, and I happened to be in possession of a brand new can of white spray paint. After three coats of  spray paint, and one coat of clear finishing spray paint, the results were much better than I expected. Textured glass, plastic, or metal looks modern and brand new once the flaws and patchy discoloration is hidden.

Reclaimed Vintage DIY

Reclaimed Vintage Reclaimed Vintage DIY reclaimed vintage DIY

I have been using the cake stand as a display at craft shows. I’m thinking about mint green next time around… It’s a brilliant way to update those really ornate pieces that don’t hold their shine anymore.

The downside to the finished product is that I am pretty sure it is no longer safe to eat off of. If you know for sure, please let me know!


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